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Below are some highlights of the 2017 boa litters produced here at BoaMorph
Roswell Boa is a Daddy!
This litter is from our first successful breeding of a Roswell Boa, in this case, a male possible Groovy Coral, double-het Sunglow Roswell from our June 3, 2014 Groovy Coral Sunglow Roswell litter!  As far as we know, this is a first in the U.S., and only the fourth time overall (a male Roswell boa fathered a total of three litters for Canadian breeder Jeremiah Johnson during the 2016 and 2017 seasons).
Mom is a proven RLT het-Albino, possible Coral that we produced in 2012.  At just 10.1 lbs post-birth weight she is not a very big girl, but last year she gave us 18 live, 5 DOAs and 2 slugs on July 7, 2016 at POS+102, and this year she delivered 17 live, 3 DOAs and 9 slugs on July 11, 2017 at POS+106; this girl is definitely on a schedule!  The counts this year are:
1 Hypo Roswell 66% het-Albino
2 Roswell 66% het-Albino
2 Sunglow RLT
1 Albino RLT
6 Hypo RLT 66% het-Albino
5 RLT 66% het-Albino
With possible-Coral parents from our two best Coral bloodlines, there is a very good chance that many of these babies could be Corals.  
There were three DOAs:  1 Hypo Roswell, 1 Roswell, and 1 RLT.  We did not hit the odds well at all on Roswells or Albinos/Sunglows, but every baby is Roswell or RLT as expected.  Honestly, we couldn't care less about not hitting the odds very well because we are so ecstatic about having further proven that ROSWELL BOAS ARE VIABLE CO-DOMINANT SUPERS - THEY ARE FERTILE AND REPRODUCE!
Photos of dad, mom, breeding, and babies follow:

DH-Sunglow Roswell Boa - Now a Proven Breeder!

DH-Sunglow Roswell Breeding RLT het-Albino

Solid Breeding Season Activity!


Mom doing great soon after giving birth.

Babies 'n' Goo

Litter Pic #2

Litter Pic #3


RLTs and Hypo RLTs 66% het-Albino

Sunglow and Albino RLTs

Roswell and Hypo Roswell Boas, 66% het-Albino

Roswell Laddertail Sharp/Paradigm Litter
2017 is also the year we produced the first ever litter of Sharp/Paradigm RLTs by breeding a male Arctic Glow to a female RLT het-Sharp Albino that we produced in 2013 using an RLT male that we had shown to be not het-Kahl Albino to a statistical certainty of 99.87%.  The firsts in this litter included:

- RLT ParaGlow -
- RLT Paradigm -
- RLT Sharp-Sunglow -
- RLT Sharp-Albino -
- Hypo RLT ParaHet -
- RLT ParaHet -



More photos of this litter, and details of all the breedings and statistics that led to its production are available in web pages at the InfoMorph! link in the left navigation pane, or you can click on this link to jump specifically to the litter info and photos:  The Roswell Laddertail Paradigm

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