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Here at BoaMorph, the bottom line is that we want you to be happy with your BoaMorph animals!  So, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with a BoaMorph animal, please let us know and give us the opportunity to make your experience with BoaMorph a good one.

By making a purchase you agree to these terms.


Genetics and Sex

The sex of each animal is guaranteed to have been determined correctly.  Any claims of incorrectly sexed animals must be submitted in writing (email) within 7 days of receiving the animal.  A written genetic description is provided with each animal to the customer in the form of a digital (Portable Document Format, or PDF) BoaMorph Photo ID Card that shows the genetics of the boa purchased, the genetics of that boa's parents, and other available information.
Boas that are 100% heterozygous (100% het) for a recessive trait are produced from breedings of homozygous X heterozygous or homozygous X normal, and are guaranteed to be heterozygous for that trait.  Our 100% hets are produced from our own visual (homozygous) animals and so there is no possibility of error.  Possible hets, which are produced from breedings of het X het or het X normal, will be identified as possible hets.  Obviously, possible hets may or may not prove out (may or may not possess that gene).
With the ever increasing complexity and range of overlapping appearances in multi-gene combinations it can be difficult to know with certainty what visual traits are present, and so we cannot guarantee that the genes contributing to a boa's visual appearance are exactly as we describe.  With many of the high-end morph combos we produce there are often few or no other examples to compare to, and even so, the range of genetic expression can vary substantially even in relatively simple combinations.  It can be possible for an extra gene to be involved that we were unaware was present, or a gene known to be present in the parents that we thought was present in a baby based on its appearance may prove not to be.  We have decades of experience breeding boas and will always use all of our knowledge and expertise to identify and label multi-gene animals as accurately as possible.  We also always provide the genetics of the parents in our ads so that our customers completely understand the possible gene combinations and can assess appearances for themselves.  If you have any questions about the genes/traits listed in one of our ads, please feel free to contact us before purchasing.


Payment in full is required before we ship.  All sales are final and all payments on animals are non-refundable.  Accepted payment methods include cash, PayPal, postal money orders, and certified bank checks (cashier's checks) - credit cards are accepted through PayPal.  California residents add 10.25% sales tax on all orders.  Payments can be made via PayPal using our following email address:
or you can simply click on our PayPal.Me link:

Payment Plans

We offer payment plans on everything we sell.  We require a minimum 25% initial payment, followed by defined payments at fixed intervals.  For example, on a sale of $2,000 a payment plan might consist of an initial payment of $500 due immediately, with three additional following payments of $500 at monthly intervals.  We customize each payment plan to allow flexibility to meet each customer's needs, and we can accommodate a variety of payment schedules and time frames.  We acknowledge receipt of each payment with an email summarizing the total amount paid to date, the remaining balance owed, and the amount and due date of the next payment.  All sales are final and all payments are non-refundable.  Shipping is coordinated following receipt of the final payment.  You always have the option to pay off your remaining balance sooner in order to get your boas sooner.


Purchases over $1,000 ship for free unless specified otherwise.  Purchases of less than $1,000 are shipped at a flat rate of $69 unless specified otherwise.

Most of our shipments are sent FedEx Priority Overnight via ShipYourReptiles (SYR), and are sent Tuesday or Wednesday for arrival the following day.  We adhere to all of the SYR shipping guidelines - in particular, we will not ship when temperatures here or at the destination are outside of SYR requirements, when conditions at a major FedEx hub (typically Memphis or Indianapolis) are likely to cause delays, when SYR recommends deferring shipments until a later date, or at any time that our experience and discretion indicate that shipping would not be in the animal's best interest.  All FedEx shipments will be shipped to and held at your nearest FedEx Ship Center ('hub' location) for pickup - no exceptions.
Larger shipments and larger boas can be shipped via Delta Air Cargo for pickup at the Delta cargo facility at your nearest served airport.  Arrival can usually be arranged for any day of the week.  Delta flies live animals in pressurized, temperature-regulated compartments, and gives animal shipments top priority so that they are the first off the plane and into the cargo facility.  Delta has an excellent reputation among reptile enthusiasts, and we have been shipping successfully with Delta for over 30 years.  As with our FedEx shipments, we will not send a shipment at any time that our experience and discretion indicate that shipping would not be in the animal's best interest.  Conditions for shipping via Delta Air Cargo will generally parallel the SYR shipping guidelines.
Live Arrival and Health
We guarantee that your boa is healthy upon arrival and has been consistently feeding for us.  For shows and local pickup, please examine the animal carefully and discuss any questions or concerns with us before making any purchase.
Any claims on FedEx shipments must be made by telephone within four (4) hours of the shipment being available for pickup.  Any claims made more than four (4) hours after FedEx statuses the shipment as ready for pickup are invalid.
Delta Cargo shipments must be picked up within two (2) hours of arrival.  The buyer must determine arrival condition by opening and inspecting the shipment at the Delta Air Cargo facility counter within two (2) hours of its arrival, and any damages must be noted on the delivery receipt.  In the event of a damaged Delta shipment, you must contact us by telephone before leaving the Delta cargo facility counter.  Any claims made more than two (2) hours after the flight arrival time are invalid.
We make no guarantee with regard to an animal's temperament.  We are glad to share what we have observed in any specific animal you are interested in purchasing.  However, any animal may behave differently in your environment than it behaved here at our facility, and any animal's behavior may change over time.
We reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason.  This policy would most typically apply in instances where we have reason to believe our animal would not be going to a good home.  However, we may decline sales for any reason at any time.  We also reserve the right to decline offers for payment plans.
These terms are subject to change at any time and without notice.


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