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Here we consider one more example test cross, this one involving a boa that does not yet exist – the Paradigm Motley.  We will analyze the cross of this as yet hypothetical Paradigm Motley with a Salmon-hypo het Sharp-albino.  The analysis proceeds as usual.  [09/18/2009 UPDATE:  The first Paradigm Motleys were born at Basically Boas on 09/10/2009]

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We have taken some liberties in putting forth the name Caramelglow for the Salmon‑hypo Caramel‑hypo combination just for fun, but what an amazing assortment of new boa morphs could appear in this litter!  [09/18/2009 UPDATE:  The first Hypo BW Caramels (on this page called Salmon-hypo Caramel-hypos, or Caramelglows) were born at Basically Boas on 08/09/2009]


This method of analyzing the outcome of boa test crosses is applicable to any number and combination of traits.  So, if you want to know what to expect when, SOME DAY, you breed your Paraglow Jungle het Anery to your Roswell SuperMarron double-het Sharp Snow, you’ll be able to work it out!

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