Paradigm Genetics - Motley het Sharp-albino x Salmon-hypo het Caramel-hypo
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Motley het Sharp-albino

Salmon-hypo het Caramel-hypo

In this example we will consider a test cross between a Motley het Sharp-albino and a Salmon-hypo het Caramel-hypo.  This test cross involves three loci that we will refer to as the Sharp-albino locus, the Salmon-hypo locus, and the Motley locus.  The results are worked out in exactly the same manner as with the two-locus test crosses, with the combinations of alleles at each locus first analyzed independently, and then combined using the statistical calculation tables.

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At the Sharp-albino locus, of the expected 3/4 phenotype Normal offspring, 1/3 will be genotype Normal (NN) and 2/3 will be genotype ParaHet (Nc OR Ns), and we can therefore say that all of the phenotype Normal offspring will be 66% possible ParaHets.

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The table and the offspring summary below have been presented separately so that the images can easily be viewed on-screen.

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The test cross analysis shows that this breeding has the potential to produce not just one, but two completely new morph combinations:  the Motley Paradigm and the Motley Paraglow.  And this test cross did not even involve the use of a Paradigm!  [09/18/2009 UPDATE:  The first Paradigm Motleys were born at Basically Boas on 09/10/2009]

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