2014-06-03 Sunglow Roswell Litter

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The first ever Sunglow and Hypo Roswell Boas were born on June 3, 2014 right here at BoaMorph!


This litter has been many years in the making, and our perseverance and patience provided a beautiful result!


Produced by Jason Gonzales in 2010, we acquired this female as a Hypo RLT 50% possible het-Albino (Jason outbred a Heather Martin-produced 2007 male RLT 66% het-Albino to a DH-Sunglow female, and got a litter of 10 with no white babies, one of which was this female; we also acquired the father of that litter, and through additional breedings later demonstrated him to NOT be het-Albino to within a statistical certainty of 99.87%, or 13 in 10,000 – more on that to come in a future post).


We slowly and patiently raised her past three and a half years old, and bred her for the first time this season to the best male Groovy Coral Albino RLT from our July 2011 litter (the result of outcrossing a male RLT het-Albino to one of our female Groovy Coral het-Albinos).  It is hard to imagine how it could have gone any better.


Back on my birthday, Feb. 18, she gave me a post-ovulation shed as a gift – my favorite present this year!  She looked perfect, acted perfect, and followed all the rules all the way along, including delivering a near-perfect litter this morning, June 3rd, between 8 and noon right on day POS+105, AND proving out het-Albino!

These are the first Sunglow Roswells (supers), and the first Hypo Roswells (they are also het-Albino, and so are actually Double-het Sunglow Roswells) ever produced!  There are also an Albino Roswell, Sunglow Roswell-Laddertail “RLTs”, DH Sunglow RLTs, Albino RLTs, RLTs het-Albino, DH-Sunglows, a Sunglow, and a het-albino – AND they are ALL possible/likely Groovy Corals!  The only combos we didn’t get in the mix were Roswell het-Albino and regular albino.  As of this posting on June 8th, all of the Roswells are doing great and headed toward their first sheds!














Oh, and here is the father of this litter - a rock star Groovy Coral Albino RLT!  We produced him here at BoaMorph in 2011.


At 4 months old:


And at 10 months old:


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